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Michael Schumacher, Ferrari, Interlagos, 2005The first what will hopefully become a weekly look at what F1 bloggers are writing about.

It’s no surprise that speculation about the championship cliffhanger and Michael Schumacher’s retirement are top of the list this week.

Is Schumacher playing mind games or has he genuinely given up hope of becoming champion in Brazil? Will Ferrari indulge in dodgy tactics and team orders to stop Fernando Alonso?

Whatever happens the irreplacable Schumacher will leave behind a enduring legacy at Ferrari – and can expect one hell of a send-off.

Schumacher’s career isn’t all that will be coming to an end at Interlagos – sadly, it could well be the last race for Cosworth in Formula One.

Meanwhile the teams arrive in a cool, damp Interlagos for the last race of the season…

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